Features of MediCap

MediCap is one of the best medical video capturing (recording) program (software) in the world.

Some awesome features of MediCap are listed below:


  • MediCap can make a video call to the phones or to the computers.

    • MediCap sends medical video coming from the medical device instantly to a video call software such as Skype, Google Hangout, Vsee, Yahoo Messenger, PalTalk, OoVoo, Camfrog, iVisit, Eyeball Chat, SIP clients etc.
    • Surgeon can share, review and discuss previously recorded medical video with his/her colleague via using MediCap video call function.
  • MediCap broadcasts medical video coming from the medical device instantly to various publishing points such as YouTube Live, Wowza Media Server, and Adobe Media Server etc.

    • Thousands of people can watch the live surgery
  • MediCap is integrated with a very fast video editing program.

    • Editing the recorded medical video within seconds can be possible. Thanks to MediCap awesome fast video editing program.
  • Annotations on the video during medical video capture is available.

    • Drawing on the video, pointers can be applied.
  • MediCap is integrated with an image editing program.

    • Captured medical images are edited with MediCap. Text on the image, pointers on the image, drawing on the image and lots of features can be applied.
  • Dictating operation notes within MediCap is available.

    • Audio recording module in MediCap allows the surgeon to dictate the operation notes into MediCap. Surgeon can listen them later. Or medical secretary can listen them and writes on the paper.
  • MediCap burns CD, DVD and Blue-ray which includes patient’s recorded medical video and medical captured images very fast.

  • MediCap is integrated with an e-mail program. 

    • Within MediCap surgeon can send an e-mail which includes the captured images and the reports in PDF format to the patients.
  • MediCap is integrated with a DICOM viewer.

    • MediCap can import patient’s information from a DICOM file.
  • MediCap can be controlled by a foot pedal or a gamepad.

    • Starting the video record, pausing the video record, resuming the video record, capturing the images, stopping the video record can be easily done using foot pedal or gamepad.
    • MediCap supports foot pedals or gamepads
    • Recommended USB foot pedals: http://www.altoedge.com/pedals/index.html
    • Gamepads are cheap and they are controlled by hand.
  • MediCap has an appointment module that allows the surgeon to arrange his/her surgeries.

  • MediCap has a user friendly interface.

  • MediCap can export medical images in PDF format with different layouts.

  • MediCap can change the captured image DPI (Dot per inch) to 300 which is preferred by the most medical journals.

 If you want to try MediCap, please download it from our download section.