The video capturing (recording) is becoming increasingly important in health care, especially in endoscopic surgery.

Why the video capturing (recording) is so important in the medical procedures.

  • The archiving is very important since it allows reviewing the patient’s video data years after the procedure.
  • It greatly contribute to the improvement of patient safety.
  • It increases the degree of patient satisfaction.
    • The most patients appreciated having a video record of their medical procedure and are even willing to pay for it.
  • The video recording has the potential to improve hospital quality scores.
  • It reduces malpractice claims.
  • It provides a method for analyzing operative performance after the surgery.
    • Surgeon playbacks the medical video recorded previously and improves himself or herself to make better surgery.
  • It augments education.
    • Education of the medical students or the residences is very important. Usage of the medical video recorded previously may increase the student’s compliance to the lessons and may increase their knowledge about the surgery.
  • It increases research performance
    • The previously recorded medical video data may be used in a research retrospectively.
  • Presenting cases to a wider audience of medical professions in an organization or in a medical congress.


Why the full HD (1080p) digital video capturing (recording) should be preferred instead of the one with lower resolutions.

  • The answer is very easy. The Full HD (1080p) medical video records reveal much more detailed view of the procedure for the future playback.


Why a patient based video capturing should be preferred.

  • Searching for a patient causes a very quick access to the patient’s video data.
  • The embedding of the basal characteristic of the patient such as the patient’s name and the surname, the date of the procedure, the name of the surgeon and surgery time into the video (seen on the video) prevents mismatching between the patient and the video. It labels on the video.


Why a fast video editing program is needed.

  • The medical video records may be too long in duration in some cases. Correlated with the duration of the video, the record file size may be also very huge. Cutting small parts from the long video and merge them, may take hours in some video editor programs.
  • A fast medical video editing program makes video cuts in seconds and prevents time consumption.


What a surgeon does when he/she needs a consultation to another surgeon during the surgery.

  • Surgeons may need a consultation during the surgery. It is normal and commonly needed.
  • The consulted surgeon may not be in the surgery room. He/she may be outside the hospital or city or country. Therefore the medical video capturing (recording) system should have an online video call function.
  • The medical video recording system makes an audio-video call to the consulted surgeon’s phone, and the consulted surgeon sees what the surgeon sees in the operation. They communicate each other.


Why video broadcasting is important in a medical surgery.

  • The video broadcasting from the operation room to the other places such as to the lecture rooms especially in the universities or in the educational institutes, increases the performance of the education.
  • Hundreds or thousands people may watch the operation and learn from it. Sharing the experience with the students or with the residences is very valuable and appreciated.


Why the annotation on the video is needed.

  • The surgeon may need to point a structure on the endoscopy screen or may need to write text on the video for further use during the medical video capturing (recording). Therefore, the software using for the video recording should do it easily.
  • Drawing on the video during the medical video capturing makes the video more professional look.  


Below picture shows us a recommended setup for a medical video recording system from a medical device (especially in an endoscopy unite)

Medical video capturing recording from a medical device


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